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Mallards Acrylic Ice Bucket


This listing is for a personalized acrylic ice bucket.

*Please note that on occasion, the insert of this ice bucket may get jostled in transit causing it to shift and not be centered when it arrives to you. Do not freak out please! The inside wall can be taken out and you can re-arrange the artwork print in less than five seconds.  Quick fix!* 

Product Description:
The artwork of our ice bucket will be placed inside of a water tight insert area on the face of the ice bucket. This durable bucket keeps ice frozen for hours. 3 QT capacity. Easy removable lid. Convenient handle. Hand wash only.

Please provide the initials written in the form of a name only.

Production Time:

7-10 Business Days 

Production times are estimated with the understanding orders are submitted with all necessary information. If there is any follow-up needed, this will delay production in order to ensure 100% accuracy in order details.