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Savannah Wreath Frosted Cups, 9oz-24oz


This listing is for a shatterproof frosted cup ranging in size from 9oz to 24oz. 

Product Description:

  • Sizes range from 9oz to 24oz
  • Frosted, somewhat transparent
  • Screen Printed
  • Unique Frosted, Textured Design
  • Top-Shelf Dishwasher Safe
  • Recyclable (#5-Polypropylene)
  • BPA Free
  • Made & Printed in the USA
  • * Drinkware is measured as filled to the brim. Stated ounces are intended to show approximate volume and are not an implied guarantee of exact volume.

Dimmensions: (Top Width x Height x Base Width)

9oz: 3.5" x 2.75" x 2" Recommended for red, white and blush wines

12oz: 3.125" x 4.25" x 2.125" Recommended for mixed and signature drinks

14oz: 3.25" x 4.625" x 2.1875" Recommended for mixed and signature drinks 

16oz: 3.5" x 4.5" x 2.25" Recommended for pint glass size, soft drinks, ice tea

20oz: 3.75" x 5.375" x 2.5" Recommended for beer, soft drinks, ice tea

24oz: 3.75" x 5.625" x 2.625" Recommended for ice water, soft drinks, tea


Recommended Sizes:

*Most popular size is 16oz*

For kids drinks, juice or wine: 9oz or 12oz

Beer or Drinks with ice: 14oz, 16oz, or 20oz

If you're wanting one cup size for all beverages at your event we suggest 14 or 16 oz. 

Please provide your monogram in the EXACT order it is to be printed.
Example: Ashley Elizabeth Smith - aSe

Couple's Example: Ashley and John Smith - aSj

*2-Letter Couture font is with TWO initials only*

*Tall font is the only font you write in first, middle, last order*

Production Time:
4-6 Weeks

Production times are estimated with the understanding orders are submitted with all necessary information. If there is any follow-up needed, this will delay production in order to ensure 100% accuracy in order details.